Enrollment Information

When Can I Enroll?

Enrollment at our 3 Kids' World locations is always open. Whenever you feel it's right for your child, give us a call or stop by the location that's convenient for you and we can get started with the process.
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Which Center Should I Enroll In?

You should enroll your child in whichever center is most convenient for you. We provide the same great care at each of our 3 locations. For Kids' World 2000, call 360-647-3423. For our Northwest location, call 360-527-8952. If you're in or around Ferndale, please call us at 360-738-4967.

Can You Pick My Child Up?

We absolutely can! Each one of our 3 convenient locations offers to pick your children up from the schools nearby. Be sure to check which location serves your child's school.

Inclusion Policy

At Kids’ World, we practice an open enrollment policy. Children are admitted to our program as space requirements permit without regard to race, religion, national origin, or handicapping conditions. Similar nondiscriminatory practices are followed in the hiring of our staff.
Kids' World has been serving children and their parents across Whatcom County and the surrounding areas since 1990.
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